Finding Hope & Joy

In addition to the periodic occurrence of the grief-like emotions that characterize chronic sorrow, parents also experience joy in day-to-day life with their chronically ill child. Case studies have reported parents feeling a sense of peace and calmness when with their ill or disabled child.

Some parents view their experience with chronic sorrow as positive because they believe their circumstance has led to greater personal strength and helped them grow as a person. Many parents believe they have grown in wisdom personally and spiritually. They also use their experiences to develop a greater capacity to live life fully.

Many parents who experience chronic sorrow remain defiant in their hope and optimism for their child. They also continue to advocate for the best care and services for their child.

Parents and caregivers who experience chronic sorrow may also learn to appreciate the simple things in life. They celebrate all of the things their child has accomplished and continues to accomplish on this journey.