Pleasant Persistence

In every situation where you find yourself advocating for your child, it’s very important to use the strategy of “Pleasant Persistence.” If you are good-natured, friendly, kind and able to persevere in your advocacy, you will be able to enlist the help of medical, educational and social service professionals.

During any advocacy situation, being pleasant and persistent will open far more doors for your child than will walking in with a chip on your shoulder. Unfortunately, this is very difficult for parents or caregivers who have a chronically ill child. Parents may be experiencing chronic sorrow or grief which can express itself as anger.

Additionally, parents often feel they must be on guard to protect their child’s interests and needs 24/7 and that they have to fight for every support service they receive. As a result, parents often come prepared for battle even when it is inappropriate and counter-productive. Instead, remember to use “Pleasant Persistence” to avoid alienating the professionals you need to help with the care of your child.